Safety, Quality & Environment Management

Consystent understands the challenges and potential opportunities faced by businesses operating in a product / project delivery environment. With our intimate knowledge and practical experience with compliance in the realms of Safety, Quality, Environment and Risk, Consystent is able to provide services to review, audit and plan for compliance and accreditation activities.

Consystent will help you deliver a system for accreditation against the Australian Standards for Safety, Quality and Environment – AS4801, IS09001, ISO14001. Consystent has vast experience with accreditation services with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner and self-insurers in addition to some of the most well-known brands in Australia.

What Consystent can do for you?

  • Guide implementation of ISO 14001:2015 ( Environment) AS/NZS 4801:2001 ( OHS) and ISO 9001:2015 ( Quality)
  • Refer to National and International Accreditation services
  • Safety, Quality & Environment Management Plans and sub-plans
  • Develop and implement procedures
  • Contractor management system services
  • Review event/incident plans and reports for accuracy
  • Conduct investigations, provide reports with recommendations
  • Workplace risk assessment
  • Pre-qualification safety assessment (subcontractor and suppliers)
  • Safety management planning
  • “Condition Assessment” of cultural landscape
  • Develop communication plans to customer segments (marketing)
  • Supply chain assessment

Certification of your Management System:

Certification of your management system provides your business with identifiable external recognition of operational excellence and compliance. Documenting your processes, implementing what you said you would do, and then working to improve this is the foundation of a management system for your organisation.

With good planning, objectives, and review processes you’ll have a better guide on business performance. Documented management systems that includes these elements means your stakeholders, shareholders, regulators, management and staff are rest assured you have implemented Best Practice in your business.

  • Verify compliance through audits, reviews and workplace inspections
  • Put you on track for accreditation
  • Guide implementation of ISO 14001:2015 ( Environment) AS/NZS 4801:2001 ( OHS) and ISO 9001:2015 ( Quality)
  • Develop and implement standards compliant with Office of Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC)
  • Provide detailed reporting and gap analysis
  • Develop action plans for accreditation
  • Implement changes to the organization (see Change Management Services)
  • Provide regular oversight to your company’s operations to maintain high level of compliance behavior

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When business think risk hey can often get overwhelmed and miss one of the key aspects of risk – opportunity.

Consystent can help you understand your risk and opportunity environment, identify risk, evaluate potential opportunities, anticipate events that can have an impact on your operations, clients and products and develop action plans to manage.

What Consystent can do for you?

  • Development and management of risk registers
  • Opportunity assessments
  • SWOT analysis
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Development of risk and opportunity treatment plans
  • Program risk analysis

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Change Management that works:

Business is a fast paced competitive environment and in order to stay in front of the pack your business must continually evolve. Today with constant innovations and new products hitting the market every day, it is imperative that your business conducts regular reviews and implements change that engage the business, your people and your customers. Consystent can help you manage your changes.

Consystent can help you manage your change through thorough organizational planning and strong follow-through on execution.

At Consystent we help your business move with change by:

  • Conducting change impact and readiness assessments
  • Analyze the demographic and provide diagnostic reports
  • Provide change management strategy
  • Develop and deploy change execution plans and roadmaps
  • Monitor and review impacts and deployment success
  • Training needs analysis to support your change
  • Provide oversight and training

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For the majority of businesses, the hidden costs of inefficiencies, non-conforming products/services, and overly complicated processes would outweigh the cost of a process development and implementation many times over.
Without systems and processes a business owner (or senior management) will often find their business stuck in first gear, red lining at 40kms per hour, without the ability to move to the next level. Further it appears as though there is a definite and very clear ratio between the adequacy of an organizations systems and the number of inefficiencies and financial “Improvement Opportunities” that are identified during the development of a quality management system.

At consistent we engage with you and your employees to develop and implement systems tailored specifically for your organization. Most importantly we design the management system to meet certification requirements AND streamline your operational processes to achieve productivity and cost benefits for your organization.

Process improvement services include:

  • A review and analysis of what you have and how it can be improved
  • White board strategy and technical capability to support deployment
  • Development of systems, processes and procedures that reflect your product and business (Sigma six , Kaizan, PMBOK etc.)
  • Facilitating implementation of improved systems (refer to Change Management)
  • Planning, development and implementation of objectives and targets supported by a monitoring program

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Consystent delivers on a fully rounded enterprise service

Consystent patners with a number of recognized firms to deliver a well-rounded business advisory service in addition to its core business.

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